Specialty Mediums - Hammer Finish Enamel

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Product description and uses

KPPL Hammer Finish Enamel is a quick drying enamel based on synthetic resins. KPPL Hammer Finish is especially suitable for machinery and tools, where a decorative finish is required. The hammered effect of this paint is very useful if the surface to be painted is uneven, with dents, scratches, etc.

KPPL Hammer Finish normally has perfect adhesion when used by itself on all types of material however it is recommended that the surface to be painted be primed in order to give protection against corrosion.

KPPL 's Hammer Finish, when applied to a surface, gives the appearance of hammered metal. The effect obtained is directly dependent on the method of application and can be varied by changing the viscosity of the paint, applied paint film thickness and spraying pressure.

Surface Preparation Prior to priming, it is essential to remove all dirt, grease, rust and mill scale to ensure the surface is clean and dry.

Priming On iron and mild steel KPPL Zinc Chromate or Zinc Phosphate Primer must be used to ensure excellent adhesion and prevent corrosion. On Zinc, Aluminium and other light alloys, it is essential to apply KPPL Primer followed by KPPL Zinc Chromate primer. Finish with 2 coats of Hammer Finish.
Finish Glossy, with a decorative hammered effect.
Application By spray gun
Thinning and Mixing Thin with KPPL 's Synthetic Thinner to a viscosity of 20-25 seconds Ref Din Cup 4 at room temperature.
Equipment Cleaning Clean equipment immediately with KPPL Synthetic Thinners.
Drying Time Touch dry: 20-40 mins. at 20 Degrees C, Completely dry: 2-3 hours at 20 Degrees C
Colour range Metallic grey, light blue and light green.

For electrostatic spraying
Dilute with KPPL Electrostatic Thinner. The viscosity must be adjusted according to the actual plant and the items to be coated.

For dipping
Dilute with KPPL Synthetic Thinner to a viscosity of 25-45 seconds Ref Din Cup 4 at room temperature.
Spreading capacity Approximately 10m2 per litre @ 40 microns DFT
Pack Sizes 1 Litre & 4 Litres
Hazard symbols Highly Flammable, Toxic, Harmful to the environment