Primer Coating Resin - KP-4055

Technical Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet


Type : Oil free saturated polyester resin, Suitable for Primer.
Form of delivery : 60 % in solvent C-9/ Butyl glycol ( 80:20)

General Information :

KP – 4055 is linear oil free polyester resin developed for use in coil coating, sheet metal
decorating and general industrial applications.

Applications :

Resin used as a raw material for paint, coatings, inks, adhesives.

Features :

Excellent flexibility with good exterior durability, Good light fastness and humidity resistance
Good hardness with stain resistance.

Product Specifications :

1. Appearance : Clear transparent viscous liquid
2. Colour : Pale yellow to water white
3. Acid value (mg.KOH/gm.) : 5 Max.
4. Non volatile matter ( 1 hr @ 150 ºC ) : 60 ± 2 %
5. Viscosity @25 ºC (4/20 RPM) B.Field : 2000-3000 Cps
6. Hydroxyl value : 70 –80 mg KOH/g
7. Specific gravity : 1.08 ± 0.02
8. Tg : 26.83⁰C

KP-4055 isusually cross linked with HMM Melamine resins. The addition of HMMM is usually between 15 – 30% on solid basis. Incorporation of acid catalyst e.g. Para toluene sulphonic acid promotes the curing. 1% to 5% of acid catalyst on Melamine solids is recommended.

The product has excellent pigment wetting properties and high yield pigment concentrates can be formulated.


Coil Coating finishes based on KP-4055 can be cured using a peak metal temperature of 232°C - 240°C. For Metal Decorating, a cure schedule of 10 minutes at 160 -200°C depending on requirements is recommended; cure response will increase with temperature, but flexibility may be reduced with high levels of catalyst. For General Industrial applications
a baking schedule of 30 minutes at 150°C will be suitable.
Metal Decorating: 80: 20 KP-4055 Curing of 10 minutes at 160 - 200 is recommended. Aromatic hydrocarbons are recommended.
General Industrial enamels: 70 : 30 to 80 : 20 on solids with hexamethoxymethyl melamine resin or partly methylated melamine with 2% PTSA catalyst on amino levels. Baking of 30 minutes at 150 C is recommended. Blend of aromatic hydrocarbon/ alcohol are suggested


Keep away from heat source & direct sunlight. Avoid temp.more than 30 degree C.


210 kg. Net in new MS drums